Re: Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: Harry Kniznik <>
Date: Wed 1 Sep 1999 15:58:48 -0700

>>I noticed a possibly intelligent idea for increasing page views while
>>reading a newsletter today and wondered if you have any opinions or
>>experience with this idea. What do you see as the pros and cons?
>>What if we were to take our newsletter and build it on the site rather than
>>sending out a text email? We could then send an email teaser to draw
>>people to the site to read the newsletter.
>>Do you think or have you seen any data suggesting that one approach is
>>better than the other? Would it get more people to the site or would we
>>lose out based on not having the actual newsletter information right there
>>in their Inbox?

>It sure is a good idea to send out a short message to your
>subscribers, to get them to your web site, but why shouldn't
>you send them a HTML version of your newsletter instead?
>IMHO, this works much better, because the message stays on
>their computer, the newsletter can be viewed off line (don't
>forget there are people -like me- paying for their Internet
>acces by the minute), and they can save a copy on their
>hard disk after reading.

I believe there is a trade off between serving the entire
HTML newsletter to the reader vs. requiring the reader to
remain online while they view the newsletter.

The benefit of requiring the reader to remain online is that
te newsletter takes less time to download to one's e-mail
box since the graphics are being served and not downloaded.
An additional benefit is that the banners on the newsletter
can be rotated allowing for additional advertisers.

The downside is that if you read the newsletter when you are
not online, you will not be able to see any of the images
that are served dynamically.

I believe this is correct, though I'm far from a tech wiz.
I'd be interested in hearing feedback from those that have
delivered HTML newsletters via e-mail and have required the
reader to remain online...Have here been many complaints,

Harry Kniznik

Received on Wed Sep 01 1999 - 17:58:48 CDT


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