Re: Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: Shawn Merwin <>
Date: Thu 2 Sep 1999 18:09:12 -0400

>You can have it, Shawn. I still haven't found the HTML
>newsletter that doesn't arrive with broken links, or
>graphics that take too long to load. I deliberately keep
>FrankelBiz all text all the time, because it's information
>my readers want, not the Mona Lisa.

I agree, Rob. It is the information that is most important,
not the format. Unless, of course, the format is so
unappealing and incomprehensible that the information is
hidden. In the HTML email newsletters I create, I like to
keep the simplicity of text when possible, but combine it
with the formatting power of HTML. Something as simple as
having a Table of Contents in a long newsletter, with links
to the appropriate sections of the email, can mean the
difference between getting reads and getting unsubscribed.
Our product uses HTML templates to allows users to create
special Calendar emails, for example. This doesn't mean
there has to be huge graphics or flashy visuals. It just
puts the information in a calendar grid (great for
schedules, agendas, etc.) and gives links to the detailed
information later in the message. This template is easier
to format for most users than attempting to properly create
a text version.

I haven't seen your text newsletters, but I am sure they are
wonderful for your readers. I have seen many text
newsletters that have had good information, but I have had
trouble wading through poor formatting to get that
information on a great number of them. Of course there are
also bad HTML email newsletters, but that has as much to do
with the creator as the medium. We have to use what works
best for us and our readers, and HTML has always worked well
for me. As long as the information in the newsletter is
relevant, clear and interesting, you are doing your
subscribers a service regardless of technology used.

Shawn Merwin
Director of Software Training - The New Leader in Opt-In Messaging

Received on Thu Sep 02 1999 - 17:09:12 CDT


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