Re: Internet Marketing Seminars question

From: Christine Speedy <>
Date: Fri 3 Sep 1999 05:53:17 -0500

>Does anyone know of any two to three day Internet Marketing
>Seminars out = there, perhaps with multiple tracks for
>different areas of interest?

Holy cow! There are so many of them I get in the mail every
day. I suggest you choose based upon your specialty or
strategic market. For example, I will be going to the Sports
& Sponsorship seminar in NY later this month. Info on this
and others is at I
would consider this more for "lightweight" stuff
educationally, however if the target market matches yours,
then you are certain to get information you will not hear
anywhere else that make the conference worthwhile.

My favorite seminars are by the DMA. There is the upcoming
annual conference in October Great
seminars and great trade show area if you seek any type of
vendors. You can choose to attend the internet track only or
also follow other tracks. They also have a
seminar each year. Why the DMA instead of the internet world
or similar seminars ? Because the Direct Marketing
Association seminars focus on the most important element-
the web is a direct marketing vehicle.

Christine Speedy, Director of Marketing
Power Images
Official Internet Agency for the Miami Dolphins
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