Re: Inbox vs. On-line Newsletters

From: wendy p fuhrman <>
Date: Thu 2 Sep 1999 17:07:49 -0700

>>What if we were to take our newsletter and build it on the site
>>rather than sending out a text email?

> It sure is a good idea to send out a short message to your
> subscribers, to get them to your web site, but why shouldn't
> you send them a HTML version of your newsletter instead?

I subscribe to various e-zines and newsletters and I have
received many such e-mails advising me to head over to a web
site to check out a newsletter. I don't know if I'm typical
but unless I have some compelling reason to go there, i.e. I
desperately need the information or am highly intrigued by
the topic, I won't waste the time. I won't say NEVER but
e-mail requires a lot of my time. And, as of yet, I have not
bothered to pursue any of these "advisory" e-mails.

I feel as though I'm being manipulated into going somewhere
I hadn't intended and I suspect ulterior motives. I also
dread trying to wade my way through the inevitably
disjointed site looking for something which i may or may not
find beneficial. Note: the exception is when I receive an
excerpt from an article with information in which I am
specifically interested.
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Received on Thu Sep 02 1999 - 19:07:49 CDT


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