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From: George Williams <>
Date: Tue 7 Sep 1999 17:26:25 -0500

This is a preview of the AdverNET 99 conference in New York Sept. 28 29,
1999 put on by the folks at and Aberdeen Group, a market
research, analysis, and consulting organization. The deadline is coming up
quick, so register now. A registration link and phone number is below.

AdverNET 99 is the only industry conference specifically focused on
educating advertising professionals on the issues and use of online
strategies and technologies. The emphasis is on helping agencies understand
Internet technologies in relation to the needs of their clients. While this
conference primarily addresses the issues that traditional agencies face,
new media agencies will benefit from it as well. New media start-ups
will be exposed to the traditional agency's structure and methodologies, not
to mention the networking and strategic partnership opportunities. The
conference will be held in New York City at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison
Avenue, September 28 and 29.

The knowledge shared in this conference is becoming more of a necessity
because traditional marketing methods are not necessarily the best way to
reach the nearly 20 million unique daily visitors on the Web. In just four
online advertising revenues surpassed those of outdoor advertising. Its
growth rate and adoption have outpaced the historical rates that radio,
television, and cable saw. We can only expect its presence to continue to
grow, and influence the way that businesses and customers relate to each

Traditional advertising agencies find themselves behind the curve and losing
out to younger start-ups who understand the unique nature of the web, and
the new ways of marketing. If agencies are to keep meeting their clients'
needs and their own growth goals, they need to learn the new methods of
reaching their customers online. Many of these methods are being defined
right now. If traditional agencies don't make the commitment to the new
technology, they will be increasingly left behind with the dawning of the
new millennium.

Representatives from two of the world's largest advertisers will share the
stage at AdverNET to deliver a critical message to agencies. IBM and Procter
& Gamble interactive marketing experts Marianne Caponnetto and Vivienne
Bechtold will present a joint keynote on the need for developing an
integrated approach to online and offline marketing initiatives. Other
keynote speakers include Scott Schiller of Buena Vista Internet Group, Kevin
O'Connor of DoubleClick, and AdKnowledge's Scott Kauffman. In addition to
the keynotes, nearly fifty industry leaders are slated to share their
knowledge with agency professionals at the conference.

One of the best arguments for the need for a different way to approach
online marketing has been provided by Procter & Gamble who changed their
entire advertising strategy when they decided to go online. If P & G felt it
needed to make this solid commitment to change, is there anybody who
doesn't? With online advertising growing at a phenomenal rate, any agency
that is not seriously planning to go online risks being left out.
Understanding what and where the new technology is and where it is going is

The conference is set up in three parallel tracks: agency and account
management, media buying and planning, and a creative and technology track.
Three "track leaders," who are experienced industry veterans, will lead the
tracks. These include Charlie Skuba, a 17-year veteran of Saatchi & Saatchi
and currently a consultant to agencies on Internet issues; Sharon Katz,
Group Media Director for Modem Media; Poppe Tyson and one of the first
web-based media purchasers in the industry; and Suzanne Brisendine, former
director of Intel's Rich Interactive Marketing Programs where she influenced
the development of rich media solutions in the industry, and is now the new
Vice President of Marketing for AudioBase. Their role in presenting this
conference is to help assure that the information presented by speakers
meets the educational needs of the attendees. Their specific industry
experience will provide both insight and ballast to the perspectives
presented by speakers and panelists.

The Agency and Account Management track will give workshops on managing
agency transition into becoming an interactive agency, how client needs are
evolving, lessons from the front lines, how to grow online advertising
expertise, and developing the skills for it in-house. The last session in
this track will cover mergers, acquisitions and strategic investment.

The Media Buying and Planning track will cover defining campaign objectives,
targeting the one to one opportunity the internet offers, online promotions,
measuring, accountability and being able to tell what is working and what
isn't, developing new media sales channels, and building holistic media
campaign models.

The Creative and Technology Track will cover the evolution of online ad
formats, rich media, using online media for testing off-line campaigns,
auditing campaign performance, and the next generation of killer apps.

Those wanting more information on AdverNET 99's agenda and speakers can find
it at or by calling 888-464-5558.

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