Re: Third-party ad serving

From: Ben Cathers <>
Date: Fri 03 Sep 1999 16:29:23 -0400

> Does anyone know of a third-party ad server willing to work
> with a company serving far less than a million impressions
> per month? The major third-party servers can't really help
> us, as their minimums are too high. We invest far too much
> time and energy doing it all manually - including reporting
> - and don't have the benefit of beyond-the-click analysis.
> Our overhead for stewardship/administration of our clients'
> campaigns is often cost-prohibitive to them.

Well there are many "free" solutions as well as premium ones

If you are looking for premium serving, then you should
definitely check out

They allow up to 25,000 impressions a day, I believe, for
149 a month.

Then there are free ones like - which take
10% of your inventory - but watch out, they put XXX ads in
your rotation (has happened, dont know if it's fixed now)

A Complete list of all rotators are at:

But Spinbox is the best for premium representation

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