Re: What a web newbie taught me about banners

From: Jim Reardon <>
Date: Fri 03 Sep 1999 03:12:29 -0500

>CPM is soon going to be worthless CPC is going to be the way
>to go.

I always shiver any time I hear someone suggest an ad model
will become worthless or obsolete, because for every person
that says one thing, there's typically another to say the
exact opposite. I'd never sell CPC banner ads on my site.

I've seen CPC ads pawned off as a way to pay for "results".
Call me crazy, but to a good portion of the websites, a
click isn't a *result*. A member, a regular visitor, a
download, a sale... those are *results*. One website
could send 100 clicks equaling the results of 100,000 from
another site.

Also, for CPC ads, click-ratio is based on the quality of
creative. Unless you're paying me to design your ad, your
website, and your marketing campaign, my revenue shouldn't
have anything to do with it. You want my visitors to see
your ad? You pay for it. Make the best of the opportunity.

>Of course.. here's also a simple suggestion: Put "Please
>visit our sponsor" under the line.. they'll know it's a
>sponsor ad :)

I think that's the problem right there -- ads in most sites
are completely removed from the content -- there is the
content, then flashy ads. A good design and a good flow
integrates ads so that they're noticeable but not
intrusive. Make your ads stand out too much and they become
too easy to look past. Work on sponsorships that can (1)
promote another product or service [making you money] yet
(2) add to your revenue stream. Uproar, for example,
provides a free trivia applet webmasters can pop onto their
page in a flash, and make money each time someone plays and
registers. Is it an ad or is it content? Both. Works
wonderfully too.

Received on Fri Sep 03 1999 - 03:12:29 CDT


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