Third-party ad serving

From: Beth Frederick <>
Date: Tue 7 Sep 1999 09:43:15 -0400

Re: Third-party ad serving

I sent a post last week and I realized I did not make myself
very clear about what I was asking. I sent a message about
finding a third-party server for a small number of
impressions. However, I'm a media buyer - not a

We are a Marketing Communications firm and we do online
advertising planning and buying for our clients. What we've
been doing is planning and placing all media ourselves -
sending our creative directly to Yahoo!, for example. The
reporting from all the publishers is in different formats
and there is no "beyond the click" information, obviously.
In addition, we buy a number of sites that don't even offer
any reporting - small business-to-business sites that are
perfect for our clients. We want to serve all of our
clients' creative through one third-party server to cut back
on our administrative work on buys and get "beyond the
click" information.

So, that being said - here's what I meant to ask. I know
AdOutlet, AdKnowledge, NetGravity and DoubleClick's DART
will serve our ads - but for a pretty hefty price (if they
will even consider us since we buy far fewer than 1MM
impressions per month.

So, any ideas on this side of it?

Send any ideas to

Thanks a lot!
Beth Frederick
Interactive Media Specialist
Lord, Sullivan & Yoder
250 Old Wilson Bridge Road
Columbus, Ohio 43085
614-825-1727 (direct) 614-846-2679 (fax)

See how we think @ and

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