Re: Third-party ad serving

From: Brian Welch <>
Date: Wed 08 Sep 1999 10:37:44 -0400

>> Does anyone know of a third-party ad server willing to work
>> with a company serving far less than a million impressions
>> per month? The major third-party servers can't really help

If you are getting over 50,000 impressions a month, I would
recommend They guarantee to fill
all your ad space and pay you $5 cpm. That is a lot more
than you will get from most ad agencies.



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From: Dave Coyle <>
Subject: Conferences for publishers (?)
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Does anyone know of any conferences/get-togethers geared
towards site publishers or that publisher-types often
attend? Most of what I have seen so far has been more
advertiser/media buyer oriented.


Dave Coyle
Ad Operations Manager

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From: Brian Stauffer <>
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Subject: email list

I have been trying to send bulk emails to specific prospects
however I haven't found a company that will allow me to
purchase their email list. Are their such companies? Also
I want to send full-color emails, are their services that
will let me do that?

Brian Stauffer
MOB Media

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