Re: advertising locally

From: Havah Hope <>
Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 13:32:26 +0200

>I'm going to be doing advertising at the local level
>(suburban towns, New York City area) for a network of
>locally focused community Websites that I'll soon be
>launching. I'm considering radio and local newspaper
>advertising. The radio station I have in mind seems to have
>a good local audience, adequate geographical coverage and is
>affordable. The town newspapers have significant
>penetration, are well established but more expensive. My
>demographic is roughly 30-45-year-olds, 60-40% women to men,
>mostly families. Any opinions on which ad medium I should

I used to sell advertising for a newspaper such as you
describe. Ours was a freebie. I recommend only advertising
in a paper targeted at a geographical community if it is by
paid subscription only. In our case the "loyal readership"
demographics where older than you indicate except for other
local business owners and people who had lived in the town
for generations (know in New England as townies).

Hope this helps,

Havah Hope
A Perfect Dealer, Inc.
The Largest New Balance Concept Store in the World

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