Re: advertising locally

From: Havah Hope <>
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 12:31:01 +0200

>> I'm going to be doing advertising at the local level
>> (suburban towns, New York City area) for a network of
>> locally focused community Websites that I'll soon be
>> launching. I'm considering radio and local newspaper
>> advertising... Any opinions on which ad medium I should
>> stress?

>Hey Mike,
>When advertising, especially a web site it is important to
>be consistent.

I agree with that. Advertising takes time to work. When I
owned my own business I would get phone calls from people 6
months after their coupon expired saying, "Can I still use

People see ads and file them in the back of their minds but
do not necessarily go to the site/store right away or they
clip coupons and put them on their fridge and call months

A well designed ad campaign might take months to start
paying for itself. It is the nature of the beast.

>The problem with newspaper is 1) it's expensive 2) your
>not going to
>get a focused demographic, newspaper will tell you that
>everybody reads the newspaper, well if you don't want
>everybody than don't be in the newspaper.

I would agree with you if he was talking about advertising
in the NY Times. However, Mike is creating small suburban
websites, the people who read small suburban newspapers are
the *exact* audience he wants to target. The other segment
of your audience Mike will be people who want to move to
your small suburban towns, so try to do a little radio
advertising (radio ads are a totally UNfocused demographic,
except for age) but mostly focus on the newspapers. You
will get better results that way.

Havah Hope
Internet Alliances Manager
A Perfect Dealer, Inc., The World's Largest New Balance Concept Store

Received on Tue Sep 21 1999 - 05:31:01 CDT


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