Re: advertising locally

From: Allan Gardyne <>
Date: Sat 25 Sep 1999 15:46:57 +1000

>... I would insist that any place I advertised do a story
>on the opening as part of the deal.

I cringed when read that.

It brought back all the nasty memories of what it was like
as a journalist having to deal with company managers who
thought that just because they had bought advertising they
were entitled to space in the news section of a newspaper.

I hope Havah was talking about expecting coverage in an
advertorial in an advertising feature, not in the news

Journalists have codes of ethics which insist that they
don't allow advertisers to influence their news judgement.

Don't expect too much. If you want space in the news columns
you may have to buy the journo lunch or a drink . . .

And even that may not work with some.

Allan Gardyne
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