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From: Janet Attard <>
Date: Sat 25 Sep 1999 08:01:43 -0400

Radio and TV won't read your press release, and bigger
publications won't publish it as is, but if you have a news
or human interest hook it may get picked up and the site
/company(whatever is being plugged in the release) may be
used as a little brief (30 second?) news item. Or, if
there is enough of a human interest angle, or if your web
site focuses on a niche and there are media outlets that
target that niche, the release could get you invited to be a
guest on talk shows on radio or TV.

I was just on Bloomberg's Small Business TV, for instance,
because my publisher sent them a news release about my new
book (and a copy of the book). I know someone who had gotten
on one of the national morning TV talk shows by sending out
a news release. The basic "secret" is the "secret" of all
marketing: target your release to the shows most likely to
be interested in it, and tell them something in the release
that THEIR audience will want to know about (rather than
what you want the audience to know).

--Janet Attard
Author of Business Know-How:An Operational Guide for Home-Based and
Microsized Businesses on Limited Budgets
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