Re: legitimate unsolicited commercial e-mail vs spam

From: Neven Prasnikar <>
Date: Wed 01 Dec 1999 21:19:36 +0100

> If we agree with Tom what we are saying that we are
> "quilty by association". In another reality, if Tom
> sees me sitting with a group that is smoking I suppose
> then that he assumes I am a smoker and I then need and
> want his ads about tabacco. Little did Tom know i was
> with the group to dennounce smoking not to receive
> advertising on. This is a sample scenario , i hope you
> all understand but see the point.


Interesting scenario but I don't think it holds water
in case that Tom mentioned...

Namely, I don't think Tom would by his own definition
send you messages just for sitting with smokers. He
might be tempted to do so if you would have e-mail
address like

So, I decided to rewrite your scenario:

You're a member of Potato Trading Chamber, and Tom is a
potato trader that needs some urgent turnaround. He
slashed his prices by 50%...

Should he send you a note? Or you'll rather skip this

I know what I'd prefer... though I understand the
problem if to many people decide to "hide" behind my

That, however is another story, and another problem,
but the way you are attacking Tom is to harsh because
he is obviously not the kind of person to blatantly
abuse the media, and surely doesn't deserve to be put
together with "the Toms of the world" as you have said.

We are not going to have him shot for expressing
opinion, or asking questions, are we?

Neven Prasnikar
CEO Art Plus Marketing & Publishing

Received on Wed Dec 01 1999 - 14:19:36 CST


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