Re: Email Press Releases

From: Wayne Browning <>
Date: Fri 03 Dec 1999 02:03:21 +0500

> I'm a small business and I want to send e-mail press
> releases to relevant (and select) sites, ad agencies
> and industry pundits so that I can promote my
> site, our new features and (as appropriate) encourage
> ad sales. So how do I do this so that it's not spam?

> You can not, in my opinion,what you propose. It is the
> very definition of the word spam, isn't it? What you
> are attempting is to send unrequested advertising i.e
> spam. What you need to do is learn how to advertise by
> forming associations with other sites, buying banner
> ads, advertising off-line and yes, have a bugdget to
> gain a foothold.

> I don't agree with Wayne that it's necessarily spam
> to send press releases to specific editors/ reporters/
> newswires. That's what they want (as both a journalist
> and publicist, I know).

I did not take from the original inquiry that the party
was actually using the "term" press release in in the
way many have taken it to mean. I do not believe the
question was about sending a "Press release" nor did i
see any reference to the fact that this was to be aimed
specifically at reporters or the news media. I may be
wrong how i understood it ,but i stand by my earlier
commnets, unless Karen says i mis-understood. "Relevant
sites" does not equate to sites that accept press
releases, and there for this attempt at email
broadcasting becomes spam. And it's not my definition,
it's what anti-spammers would relate to you. While I am
anti-spam , i am not offensive about it, i would rather
take the opportunity to warn people about it's
pitfalls. Once an anti-spam group decides you are their
victim, you can be in very deep and uncharted waters,
and it's their definition all of us should pay heed to.
Unless , of course, you have the intuitive to fight
back, in that case i can only say, Good Luck!

Each of us can take our own decisions and certainly we
all have our own opinions, but the reality is that if
you are WORRIED about spam, then perhaps you are indeed
spamming:-) seems some anti-spamming groups would put
it that way to you.

in all cases when i speak of spam. it does not mean
that a single email you spent 30 minutes writing to
address a question to a particualtr site is "spam" but
when you send the exact same letter, and just change
the name to another, and send it to a second person,
then this is spam or the birth of spam and you can
probably get away with it for a long time maybe even
forever, but as your confidence grows so will your
volume output and then suddenly........... get the

Remeber people there is a vaild way of sending email
advertising and it's done using opt-in lists that have
been set up and maintained properly with confirmations
required etc etc. this opt-in list needs to reside on
your own site and should also be private and not
redistributed whatsoever. The type of advertising sent
should concurr with what the subscribver agreed to with
remove instructions included. That means any person
receiving email from you has

1. visited your site
2. requested to be added to your newletter
3. was sent an email after subscribing that requires
   a reply to complete the sign-up process
4. is able to remobe themselves at will
5. be certain that you will not re-sell or redistribute
   your list. that should cover it, and those are good
   things to know and have record of.
I can hear some of you thinking, well yes but how do I
get people to go to the site and sign-up? Well that's
where a marketing budget goes a long way. There are
networks that can run the campaign to solicit opt-in
sign-ups. Using banner advertising and directing
interested parties to your site.where they can read
your message and make a democratic decision on whether
they would like to sign-up.

For a little as .50 a subscriber these netwoks can
generate thousands of subscribers monthly and all
legitimately. It's being done now, and is an ethical
way of doing business/marketing on-lne.

enough for now, hope i add a perspective:-)


Received on Thu Dec 02 1999 - 15:03:21 CST


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