Re: Email Press Releases

From: Havah Hope <>
Date: Wed 08 Dec 1999 14:20:06 +0200

> Remeber people there is a vaild way of sending email
> advertising and it's done using opt-in lists that have
> been set up and maintained properly with confirmations
> required etc etc.

I personally think this being the only "allowed"
definition of acceptable e-mail solicitation to be
silly. I never sign up on any of those opt-in lists
(unless it is for a specific newsletter I want or
something, but the operative word is SPECIFIC) because
I do not want to get on to some mass mailers list of
"opt-ins" on the other hand I do appreciate finding out
about B2B opportunities that might interest me and I
have no objection to being sent one letter from a
company about their new product, etc. because not only
do I not have the time or inclination to research every
single new site on the web, but I wouldn't know what to
run a search under.

You anti-spam people need to think a little more about
how other people think and stop trying to restrict my
life. Not a single person on this list has EVER
defended sending mailing to 500 address out of the
online yellow pages. We have only discussed actually
researching real sites (that means send out one letter
at a time) that have an actual contact address listed
and with a real return address. Get a grip.

As for the ISP that someone on this list claimed blocks
any e-mail with more than 10 recipents, well I am sure
they will be out of business soon. I have more than 10
family members with e-mail. I would never pay any ISP
if I had to send multiple e-mails just to invite my
family to a party or Thanksgiving dinner or what have
you, not to mention a birth announcement (which yes is
unsolicited e-mail --Oh no! call my ISP) which might
easily go out to 50-100 email addresses.

Get a life.

By the way I think the arguments by all of you working
for opt-in mailing systems, about how the rest of us
are horrible for send a message to a site we saw on an
individual basis are so disingeneous I doubt I would
ever do business with you. The same goes for Adrain,
who has been downright insulting.

Havah Hope

Received on Wed Dec 08 1999 - 06:20:06 CST


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