Re: Email Press Releases

From: Matt Magri <>
Date: Mon 13 Dec 1999 19:19:59 -0500

> Remeber people there is a vaild way of sending email
> advertising and it's done using opt-in lists that have
> been set up and maintained properly with confirmations
> required etc etc.

> You anti-spam people need to think a little more about
> how other people think and stop trying to restrict my
> life.

Actually, it's been my point all along that we should
think a -lot- more about how other people think. Too
much of this discussion has been about how people
should get used to getting email ads, how it isn't a
problem because it doesn't bother the poster, etc. How
people react to the way their mailbox is used is up to
-them-, not the sender.

> [ ... ] Not a single person on this list has EVER
> defended sending mailing to 500 address out of the
> online yellow pages. We have only discussed actually
> researching real sites (that means send out one letter
> at a time) that have an actual contact address listed
> and with a real return address. Get a grip.

Wayne was obviously talking about more than a one-to-one
mailing in the quote you include above. You may want to
take him to task for getting off the point, but don't
take his conclusion out of the context of the situation
that he is applying it in.

> As for the ISP that someone on this list claimed blocks
> any e-mail with more than 10 recipents, well I am sure
> they will be out of business soon. [ ... ]

You may be right. It's been about a year now, tho. I would
never use them for a host of other reasons and, yet, they
keep on going. I guess there must be lots and lots of people
that never manage to tickle the limit.

> By the way I think the arguments by all of you working
> for opt-in mailing systems, about how the rest of us
> are horrible for send a message to a site we saw on an
> individual basis are so disingeneous I doubt I would
> ever do business with you. The same goes for Adrain,
> who has been downright insulting.

Let the arguments stand or fall on their own merits. I'm
glad I don't know which folks here work for opt-in mailing
systems or not. It makes it easier for me to resist the
temptation to dismiss their posts without considering the
actual arguments they contain.

Matt Magri
Netmeg Internet

Received on Mon Dec 13 1999 - 18:19:59 CST


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